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What We Offer:

Here at Sacred Circle, our primary aim is to provide you with healthy, low-cost vigorous plants, although as stewards of the Land we also offer a multitude of other services including, but not limited to:

Garden Design and Installation:

Many people think of gardens as labor-intensive, straight rows of vegetables that must be weeded and watered almost daily. We have the experience and the knowledge to prove that this is not so! Gardens can be rewarding, low maintenance and low cost as well as pleasing to the eye. Our approach is one of care, creativity, and oftentimes site rehabilitation. Through methods such as thick mulch, hügelkulture, and on-contour water retention, the needs for weeding and watering are vastly reduced. We strive to work with the client to provide an aesthetically and ecologically pleasing space. Reach out to us and let’s see what we can create!

Land Management and Consultation Services:

We can help you figure out what the most productive, economically and ecologically sound layout for your land would be. Whether this means dealing with water that sits for too long in one spot, or redesigning an area over run with an “invasive species”—we can find the balanced solution that is best for you and the Land. We can help you understand the connection you have to the land as a land owner/steward, and help you maximize your connection with the Earth. From foraging wild edibles, to unlocking plant potential, to pruning old ‘wild’ fruit trees, there’s no job too small. Please connect with us, even if you are not local to the Vermont area; we will do what we can via email and other means of communication.

Small Scale Outbuildings and Infrastructure:

We have designed and built several useful small scale outbuildings for low to no-cost using 100% recycled, reclaimed, or repurposed materials—some of which can be found on-site. These can be unique in appearance, and give you the satisfaction of knowing you saved on material AND helped keep items out of the landfill! We can also install small-scale infrastructure such as human-scale swales, ponds, and water retention or diversion ditches. We can install many other “things”—just ask! If we can’t, we’d be happy to refer you to someone who can.

Homestead and Medicine Skills:

We feel that the Earth can provide for all of our needs in a holistic and healthy way. By tapping into the wisdom and knowledge that indigenous peoples and early settlers have used for hundreds of years, we have found methods that work for us. We can impart some of this knowledge to you in the form of a consultation, step-by-step instructions, and will eventually be offering courses with hands-on learning at the site. Stay tuned for more info, or feel free to shoot us an email if you’re interested.


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