Walking Onions

Walking Onions

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(Allium proliferum)

Zones 3-9

If you like onions, but seem to have a hard time growing them, or would just like a low maintenance, easy to harvest perennial onion, then these are for you! Egyptian Walking Onions are amazing, they are absolutely prolific (hence their botanical name), and they are great in cooking. Greens are one of the first foods in our gardens to pop up in the Spring!

They’re called “walking” onions because the greens grow a second set of onions at the top, which then gets bigger, and bigger until it weighs the green down and the second set touches the soil. These will produce yet another green which produces yet another set and so on, until they are walking all over! They can take over if you don’t harvest them, so eat them or give them away! Or have a bed dedicated to bunches of onions!

You can harvest the tops, the greens, or the bulbs that are in the ground, all are flavorful and fun to eat—and watch walk!

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