Jerusalem Artichokes (Sun Chokes)

Jerusalem Artichokes (Sun Chokes)

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(Helianthus tuberosus)

Jerusalem Artichokes are not from Jerusalem, and in fact, not artichokes at all.. They are a native, perennial member of the sunflower family. These incredibly prolific and vigorous plants can get up to 12’ high with pops of yellow ray flowers that smell intoxicatingly sweet.

The tubers are the real prize here, they taste somewhere between a carrot and parsnip to us. They are harvested in fall to spring the first year you plant them, then as needed after that. Delicious when eaten raw, boiled, roasted with a bit of salt, add them to any soup or stew or use them in place of potatoes. Indigenous peoples of North America relied heavily on these for their winter and spring calories and dug them up when the ground was not frozen.

They are definitely a plant that you want somewhere you can manage, we have them where we are able to mow around them a few times a year. Think of their growing habits like that of a day lily.

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