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(Fragaria x ananassa)

We are currently offering two different varieties of strawberries. Both produce large, delicious berries that are rather comparable to the ones found in the grocery store! (Except they actually have flavor)

Summer Bearing:

The summer bearing variety will produce tasty berries from early summer until about the hottest time of the year, for us this is usually from early June until mid-July or even early August. Maybe even later for you!

Ever Bearing:

The ever bearing variety will give you two or three harvests of juicy berries a year! One in the late spring (for us Northerners it’s more like early summer), one in summer, one in fall. They usually cut out during the hottest part of the year. These are great to have around the homestead.


Both varieties are quite pleasing to the taste buds, like store-bought berries they can range from a bit tart to super sweet. They are great eaten fresh off the plant, and can store for up to a week in the fridge. Excellent jam can be made from these, and that’s the way we prefer to store them here at Sacred Circle. It has been stated by some that the best way to grow these is to pinch off flowers for the first year, to promote root growth and a larger harvest the second year, but this is not absolutely necessary.

They creep and crawl and trail around, watch a video here about their growing habits and some quick tips on propagation!

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