Seed Garlic - Nootka Rose

Seed Garlic - Nootka Rose


(Allium sativum)

The garlic seed we offer is an amazing Silverskin softneck variety called Nootka Rose. This variety averages about 15-20 cloves per head! Nootka Rose is an heirloom variety (unlike many store bought foreign varieties) and is native to the Northwest US, specifically the San Juan Islands of Washington state. Surprisingly large cloves for a Silverskin, this particular variety boasts beautiful rose pink skins, sometimes even purple! Late-maturing but every bit worth it, because the flavor is off the charts! Perfect for braiding and an extremely long storage potential, anywhere from 9-12 months in our experience. Perfect garlic for a homestead for sure.

Garlic is an important part of any functioning homestead, nursery and even diet. In our household it’s used multiple times a day, on a daily basis. Not only great for adding flavor to dishes when cooked or raw, garlic is also a powerful anti-viral and anti-fungal food. Boosts the immune system and fights off lots of nasties that are found in a typical western diet. Garlic is one of the single most powerful foods you can incorporate in your diet, how can you get much better than growing it yourself? In the nursery we also use garlic consistently as an effective rodent deterrent. Works best when planted in the fall alongside precious nut seeds, or around young trees and shrubs as a semi-permanent element. Also works very well when sprouted or cracked, as they really dislike the pungent aroma (garlic-breath anyone?).

NOTE: We are offering garlic for Fall 2019 shipping and are currently expanding our stock, so there will be a limited amount available. First come — first served basis.

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