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(Asimina triloba)

The pawpaw is a fruit that not many know, or have heard of. It is the largest fruit that is native to North America, not to mention one of the most exquisite tasting! Although it’s range starts in the subtropics of Florida, it has made it’s way as far north as southern Ontario and brought the flavor of the tropics along with it. Pale green skin is a bit deceiving, for when it has been cut into this fruit reveals startling yellow, custard like flesh! Large seeds are easy to work around, and fruits are best enjoyed after they have frozen a few nights outside in our experience.

Another noteworthy quality of this extraordinary tree - other than it’s delicious fruit - is it’s ability to tolerate black walnuts! Most plants will grow very poorly and slowly around black walnuts, or just flat out not at all due to the natural herbicide that it releases. Such is not the case for the pawpaw! Would be a great addition around your already existing black walnut trees, or if you’re planning a food forest, why not order some pawpaws and black walnuts together!?

Plant at least 2, close together for pollination. The carrion fly is the main pollinator, so hand pollination helps if you have less than 10.

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