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(Morus alba)

The mulberry tree, where to start with this wonderful tree? Mulberries are native to a variety of continents, and the tree native to North America (M. rubrus) is quite hard to find. M. alba is native to China, but cultivated widely across the temperate regions of the world.

The berries on these trees can range from white, to red, to deep purple, to black. They are sweet with a mild flavor, we love to eat them fresh and stain our hands, but they’re also great dried, as jams or turned into syrups. The berries are high in protein and antioxidants. Mulberries have a great quality of ripening their berries over a long period of time, meaning you can enjoy them almost all summer long! Birds and other wildlife love them, but these trees are so prolific, you shouldn’t have any competition—there’s enough to go around!

Mulberries also grow incredibly fast, and are great forage trees for livestock and other animals, making them a great shade tree for chickens, cattle or other homestead furry or feathered friends. They make great firewood, considering their fast growth rate and high BTU rating. They will usually bear fruit around 6 years of age.

A NOTE ON SEXING: The seedlings we offer are unsexed and only females set fruit. A male will ensure that the females have viable seed but are not necessary for fruit production. It is best to buy a few seedlings to make sure that you have a female so you get to experience some of this delicious fruit! You won’t be disappointed…

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