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(Armoracia rusticana)

Horseradish! Not an actual radish, but a perennial member of the Brassica family, meaning it is related to mustard, broccoli and cabbage. The part of the plant that is used is the large white underground taproot, although the leaves also have a spicy kick as well, like that of many of it’s mustard relatives. Use the greens (sparingly) in stir fries, or salads. Use the root ground up for sauces or as a spice.

Horseradish can probably grow anywhere, and has thrived in our hard clay soils here. BUT—word to the wise—if you plan on harvesting roots often, or at all, then you should plant it in a raised bed, or very loose soil. Like comfrey, it will stay where it is planted if any fragment of the root is left behind. More often than not, and in every case we’ve had a piece is left behind and the horseradish reappears.

What you’ll receive from us is a bundle of roots, to plant these, simply place in the ground where you want them, water gently and wait!

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