Highbush Cranberry

Highbush Cranberry

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(Viburnum opulus)

While the highbush cranberry is not a true cranberry, the flavor and the color would have one fooled! The best part is - you don’t even need a bog. The similarities end at the flavor and the color, this plant is quite different from the true cranberry. This Viburnum is part of the Honeysuckle family, which is comprised mostly of large shrubs native to North America.

This is a hardy, vigorous shrub producing beautiful clusters of white flowers in the Spring, and slightly bitter red berries in the Fall, often hanging on til mid-Winter. This bush can grow quite fast - up to 3 feet a year! If left untrimmed they can reach up to 8-15 ft tall. Adored by birds and bear and most animals in between, the berries have one flat, oval shaped seed. Some folks love the taste, some hate it. A good judge of whether you’d like it or not would be your preference to true cranberries. These fruits can be made into an excellent jam, jelly, juice or sauce. They are an incredible native source of Vitamin C and attract almost all forms of wildlife if you neglect to get to them. Will set fruit within 3-5 years.

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