(Tanacetum parthenium)

(Chrysanthemum parthenuim)

Feverfew is a medicinal herb with loads of pretty and petite flowers, with white rays and yellow florets. The flowers look like a daisy or chamomile, not to be confused with either of these, this is actually in the same family as Chrysanthemum (or mums). This perennial herb is pretty hardy here in zone 5, and should thrive in zones 5-10.

Feverfew has a somewhat bitter taste and smell, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is useless. It may not be adored by the common flower-sniffer or bee, but it is prized as a powerful medicine by herbalists and folk of old as well. Planted around a dwelling, it purifies the atmosphere. Infuse the dainty flowers with boiling water, and feverfew - as it’s name suggests - supposedly relieves fevers and headaches. Can also be made into a tincture and applied locally to relieve pain, itchiness and swelling of bug bites, and may even ward off pesky mosquitoes and other bugs!

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