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(Sambucus canadensis)

Elderberries or elders have gotten quite popular in recent years due to their use in syrups for their immune boosting properties! They really are great for use during cold and flu season, or as an everyday tonic to strengthen your immune system. Native American people have used these for medicinal and food uses for a very long time, elders are considered a very sacred plant among some groups. Perhaps they carry wisdom, and that is why they are named so? Who knows…

Elders can grow super fast, especially after they’ve gotten established and used to their new homes. We’ve seen them grow upwards of 10 feet in one single year! And this is usually after cutting them down to the ground the previous fall. American varieties usually fruit on first year wood, and enjoy a good chopping in the fall months, whereas some European varieties fruit on second year wood and are best left unpruned the first year.

Elders are an extremely useful plant in permaculture systems and practices, they are great growers, filling in spaces and creating habitats or a visual screen if allowed to form thickets. Birds love the fruit if you don’t get them, and pollinators absolutely love the blossoms in June. They can withstand occasional flooding and high water, and are usually found where their feet can get wet or where the groundwater is close to the surface.

We have a few varieties to offer:

York: Very good grower with standard black berries and good fruit. Needs other varieties for best pollination but can do alright on it’s own.

Scotia: Super elder! These plants can get to 12’ tall sometimes and have tasty and big berries, our favorite variety.

Wild: These are elders that we have sourced from the wilds of Vermont, they may or may not be indigenous to this area, but produces well and grows very decently as well.

Cuttings bundle: We also offer cuttings at an affordable price, since elders are insanely easy to propagate. This is a good way to get a lot of potential plants at a great price, saving us the work of digging up plants and saving you some money to spend on other plants! This also allows you to get the experience of propagating these so you can do even more in the future! Watch the video below on how easy it is to propagate elders!

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