Fall 2019 Order Form


This is for local customers who have found either our flyer, or seen our ads posted. We will not collect billing info, you must mail us a check before we can collect your order.

Orders Due by October 30th

Pickup Dates and Locations:

November 15th 10AM-1PM @ 30 Hilltop View Road, Bristol, VT

November 16th 12PM-4PM @ North Road, Woodbury, VT

Checks can be made to Michael Perry or Schikoy Hause, and can be mailed to either of us at 30 Hilltop View Rd, Bristol, VT, 05443.

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Strawberry $5 Mulberry* 1ft or more $10 Red Currant 1-2ft $15 Black Currant 1-2ft $15 Elderberry* 1-2ft $13 Hybrid Hazelnut* 1ft $15 Hybrid Chestnut* 1-2ft $13 Pawpaw* 1-2ft $16 Comfrey Rooted Crown or Root Fragments $7 or 5 fragments for $10 Walking Onions $7 Jerusalem Artichokes 5 for $10 Bee Balm (Red) $8 Highbush Cranberry 1-2ft $10 Horseradish 5 Root Fragments for $10 Hops $9 Mint $8 Purple Irises 5 for $5 * requires two or more for adequate pollination
Please detail which plants, and how many from our list you'd like.