Fed Up..

Talking with a friend the other day on climate issues and ways to solve some of the problems while doing water testing for our local rivers. He’s from the older generation, mid 60’s, maybe early 70’s, and us being in our early 20’s he said to us “you need to scream your heads off to be heard.” After the talk, we realized how true that was. With people trying to get their voices heard by state representatives, even our own president thinks its a joke, climate walks, the green new deal, yet so many people don’t want to hear it. So where do we stand in such a crisis? Why does it seem like no one is handling this like a planetary crisis? Honestly, I sit here sometimes doubting my own abilities to try and persuade people to see the beauty I see, doubting the fate of my very future. It’s a scary thought, but all too real. The sad part is; that’s what “they” want. For us folks to give up, to forget it for a while, let them continue to fill their pockets, and rape and deplete the land. Turning blind eyes. I’m writing this because I am fed up.

Would you give up on such beauty, on your own Mother? The very being that nurtured you and your family before you, and the family before that, stemming all the way back to a time when we knew how special it was to live with such an Energy, when we remained tribal and close to her heartbeat, her breath, all beings functioning in one coherent being-ness. I’ve asked myself many times, maybe even daily, why? Why did we give that up? What is this false world, this perceived reality we’ve created and how beneficial is it? There is more dis-ease then ever before, trees, plants, animals, water—all commodities. All for profit and not health. Health of the planet and of ourselves. People sacrificing their own bodies for the sake of money, treating lives as if they’re nothing. Animals being killed by the millions for a crappy, unsatisfying meal, habitat loss quicker than you can blink, insect populations dwindling by upwards of 50%. I hate to think there is nothing pure in this world anymore, but I really am starting to think just that. There was a time when we could drink out of any stream and it would be fine, now our waters are so poisoned that we filter and bleach them just to make it “tolerable” for our stomachs. Land with trees so old, they knew our great-great grandparents, had stories to tell, now the old ones are treated like museum objects. Skies have chem-trails, minds are corrupted from birth, born in a hospital with more disease than a little one can handle, houses made from toxic materials so far removed from nature, chemicals that off gas and no one realizes it because “this is the only way” Roads with road kill. These roads are not understood by the animals crossing them, they’re just trying to get home, to feed their young. Foreign objects everywhere, power lines, dams. Is your mind spinning yet? Because mine is. You may be thinking “wow, this woman is crazy” but whos is really the crazy one to be here and to not see this? Or maybe it’s just easier to play along?

These words are strong, and carry powerful Energy that I want you to feel, to feel in your soul and to root there like a mighty oak. I want you to see what I see, for the sake of my future and the ones who will come after me. If you’re from a generation before mine, let us fix this. Many say we can’t reverse time, and yes in a literal sense this is true. But there is trauma still being carried through all of us, can we not create anymore? Can we go backwards? I really don’t know the answers, but I do know we need to make radical changes and make them fast. What should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind is, “shit, will I be able to grow food or will my farmer friends be able to grow healthy food for me?” “Can I use this much water, should my faucet be running this long?”. The trash you see, pick it up, stop waiting for a Green-Up Day or the next person to do it. I am so angry with where we are, with who we’ve become. I’m almost ashamed to be human, we act as if we have the highest intelligence. There are so many more species that know better and don’t need a written language to tell them otherwise. I am utterly disgusted with how we function (or don’t function actually) as a society. My people would be rolling in their graves if they were given proper burials. The saddest, most disappointing part is, that we as Native Americans warned this would happen. We warned and had to sit back and watch it, our very world destroyed all around us, now to play pretend like it all is working for us. It’s not. I am fed up with seeing people run over the same animal time and time again only for us to stop and move it out of the road, for people to till and plant the same damn mono-culture, and spray the same antibiotic ridden cow shit on that same field only to wash away in to our rivers. Pesticides and herbicides being used over and over to spray the same “weeds” making bird eggs too thin to hatch, losing species after species to the same damn problems. Do you see the repeating factors all around you? This. Is. Not. Working. My heart is breaking for the other beings we share this world with, more than my own fellow human beings for we are far too stupid and the other beings are far too wise for us to keep pretending. It is time we step down and let nature be nature, to re-wild, to be connected and to heal. If we cannot do this, then I’m afraid there won’t be a future for me, your young ones, or the rest of the generations to come. You think this is harsh, look around you and tell me you don’t see it. I may listen but I wont agree.

Michael and Schikoy