There is a real resonance with connecting breath to mind, mind to body, body to soul. We find ourselves taking a breath when we need to relax, or when stress seems to overpower us. Breathing washes away thought like a waterfall of power, using our minds and breath to direct energy to where it’s needed most. If we could only remember the power we have as humans to connect our bodies as one, simply by using our breath, we could shed off these layers of stress almost instantly. Using our energy for far better needs. Many find some of the simplest tasks to cause stress such as; making dinner, waiting for someone to cross a street, taking your dog out, mainly because of so much built up energy that hasn’t been released.

Stagnant energy is so detrimental to the body, often showing signs well overlooked by the normal Western mindset. Acne breakouts, brain fog, joint discomfort, back pain, loss of appetite, weight gain, weakened immune systems and so on. Many of these symptoms go overlooked because you cannot diagnose stagnant energy. But most of these can be attributed to stagnant energy, on top of many more symptoms. Since there’s no real one way to diagnose stagnation, we can help ourselves by being mindful of our bodies and our breath. We are after all, beautiful forces of energy. If we feel onsets of stress we can take a moment to just breathe, to be in the moment and dissect what it is that makes the stress feel so heavy. Maybe you’re feeling rushed, or there’s a deadline to be met, or maybe you just wanted to go down the aisle in the grocery store in peace. We need to find that simple gap of time—before mind meets stress and breath becomes contracted—and really channel our energy to be the best we can be and release a little tension.

I find that us a species in this moment of time seem to think were are machines. Putting a huge list of to do’s on top of work, “exercise”, picking kids up, meeting with so and so, we forget the “being” in human beings. We are not being, were are simply just doing and doing. That gets so tiring and harmful to or souls and body. We need to just breathe, step back and remember what it’s like to be a human beings. I’m not saying that we will be walking in peace at every moment and never feel stress again, but we can choose what real stress arises and what is nonsense.

As humans, we have disconnected ourselves from what has always been our therapy; nature. With this disconnect has come many health issues, stresses, neuroses and pains—physically and mentally. Many times we forget the power that is making our bodies function, our breath. Without knowing, we stay alive, breathing, heart beating. But we no longer breathe fresh air. We no longer take mindful breaths of air and connect to the ease that comes with it. If you go from your house to your car, drive on a freeway to an office or inside job, what are you breathing in? Off gassing from chemical laden building material, fossil fuels, stagnant or conditioned air? Like I said, we have forgotten what its like to be human beings. The being, is the most important part. We can take a deep breath here, feel our lungs fill with air and release the stress. Maybe even close your eyes for a moment and feel the function of breathing, chest moving, lungs expanding. This is being, this is an energy force inside of you.

There is a deep connection we overlook here; the trees. They give us our air, we give them theirs. It is a reciprocal relationship. Made of interconnectedness and trust. How is it that we have forgotten this? Are we so naive to think that we are the only living beings here on Mother Earth? I don’t want to go off the tracks here and talk about how important trees are, how they make up your house, or the table you eat at, or the chair you sit on, pencils you use, books you read. I’ll save that for a deeper conversation, for now we need to connect to our breath. We so desperately need to get a hold of ourselves, the fate of our future and future generations depend on it. If we cannot function coherently then we are not functioning at all. We can simply just focus on our breath and the greater power it holds. The power of breath can heal you and yours, and the power of ourselves is a force to reckon with. I think we need to just breathe and channel that force towards a greater good. Breathe.