Actions, Emotions, Being a Human Being

There was a time where I’d look out at a city, or a parking lot, or some other concrete atrocity and I’d feel an intense rage, an anger. I’d picture the disruption of ecology for this new and environmentally foreign concept, and I’d feel like there would be nothing that I can do to help the planet, nothing preventing this from happening at a larger scale in many other places. I’d then feel a sense of apathy, or cynicism, and I’d have a really foul taste in my mouth after thoughts like these. Emotions are natural, and these reactions were reasonable knowing my take on the world. Emotions are natural insofar as they are reactions based on our opinions or positions on something, but emotions often don’t serve any real change, rather they fuel one’s drive, they fuel the fire within that can keep one going. It takes a gap of breath, a moment of mindfulness to react from reason and not just emotion, letting emotion influence your actions, but not letting emotion rule your actions. Using emotion as a fuel, and intelligence as a catalyst, we can have some very meaningful change happening. When one speaks with the roots of the words in the heart, but with a sense of clarity and coherence, then that’s when the tides can start to be turned.

I have learned to take the fire from within, and use it for good. I’ve learned to let it speak, but not to let it scream, learned to use it for a positive change. In the sense of planetary health, apathy is death. To be lethargic about actions because one doesn’t see immediate change is to abandon hope on this cause. If we hope to see any change in the close or distant future, the Earth needs fearless and ceaseless warriors. We need to use our words as our arrows, and not to hurt or insult, but to light a fire in the hearts of others. To let others know that this Land is our legacy, that we will not stand for the destruction of Life for human greed and corporate gain. To let them know that they, too are connected to this Land, that their ancestors would be frowning upon them, that their ancestors would be ashamed at how foolish they have been and how hurtful their actions have been to our Land. We need to battle on and continue to chase the reality that we can all live in harmony and truth. We need to keep our fires lit, and never let them dim, because if they do there is the slight chance that the winds of ruling will extinguish them completely. All that would be left after that is smoldering ash that may or may not be lit again.

I have learned to act from reason, and I have understood that these cities and parking lots were made for a reason, they were a solution at the time, and probably the most convenient one at the time. Although convenience is not always the best thing to act upon, convenience sometimes has it’s roots in selfishness, and convenience often lacks foresight. The positivity of this situation is that if this species can create and construct such ideas and short sighted solutions, then we can create and construct even better solutions that last for generations, if not eons. If this species can erect towers made from parts of the Earth, then we can learn to work with the Earth, and learn to help change what we’ve done for the better. The Earth will go on after climate change or planetary crisis wipes us all out, she will recover in time, but we will be long gone. It will be us that suffers, life as we know it will cease to exist, and for what? Lots of green pieces of paper that we arbitrarily place value on? It’s not the Earth that we are losing, it is our spirits, it is our souls, it is our oneness with all of Life.

Emotions are reactions based on opinion, and opinions have their roots in many soils. For example; race, class, gender, religion, or lifestyle, these plus many other factors influence our opinions, therefore influencing our emotions, and therefore sometimes our actions and reactions. The problem is that we are acting from these roots, and not from our Human Being roots. We do not act in this perceived reality from the reality of the Human Being anymore. Human Beings evolved with this Earth, we relied and still do rely on the gifts of the Earth to survive, just to get by. We cannot survive without them, without the Earth. The industrial ruling civilized class wants us to think that we rely on their products (that still derive from the Earth, remember that) and not the Earth so that we can have this sense of disconnection that is so prevalent in today’s society. The industrial ruling civilized class wants us to depend upon them, because when we do, they’ve got us in their hands, and they can essentially control lots of our actions. From there we’re programmed to not think about the Earth, all we can think about is what they want us to, what they advertise, what is being sold. We need to remember that we need to act from the roots of our hearts—the roots of the Human Being—when we get into debates about planetary crisis. This is where the truth comes from. This is where we can really see our real and unbreakable connection with the Earth, and this is where the spirit of the Earth lives, in the heart of the Human Being. We can all look deep within ourselves and find this spot in our hearts, and act from there, action fueled by our primal emotions, using our intelligent thought to create change.