Sacred Emotions

The power of the world is endless, the beauty surrounds you. You are the beauty, part of a whole. The Earth talks. Her voice being heard in the wind, the Trees creaking, every thing is alive, every thing has a voice and every thing feels. I am alive. I am empowered. Life has many twists and turns, like a snake through grass. We have a choice, these choices are here to build us. To help us. The power is in us all, we don’t have to be a sleeping society, we can feel the wind on our faces, the songs of the birds, noises in bushes. We are not alone in this world, we don’t have to fear it. This great unknown has always been known. It is power. Listen to it, feel it. Connect with the sound, feel the Earth. Touch what is real. Understand it.

There are many mysteries, but none too far from reach. Gaze at the stars and you will feel endless, cold nights kiss your cheeks. Loneliness doesn’t exist. We can feel, we can breathe. Your breath is my breath. Your pain is my pain. We can understand. Be compassionate. After all, we are one, everything is a whole and will connect again. Communicate with that which surrounds you, don’t question the tracks in the snow. Know that whoever it is, whichever animal it is—it has a family, a path to follow. It needs to survive, we are all fighting the good fight. But we don’t have to do it alone. Hear the coyotes in the night, smile at their excitement, their existence. The yips and barks of a little one finding its first catch, where there is destruction there is also beauty. Just ask the flower in the sidewalk crack.

Forget what you think you know and clear your mind, let your breath awaken you. Rivers flow, like long hair. Eyes like forests, skin like sand. There is no one color, no one thing that cannot be connected with what is real. The sun will move and glisten behind trees, and you will want to follow it. Let yourself connect, be silent and listen. Lean against a tree and feel its heartbeat. We tend to live in a made up world, tired, rundown, no spark left to love or feel. There are endless seas, untracked forest, rushing rivers so loud that there is no room to think about this made up life. It is yelling, screaming at you to be heard. Turn and face it, smile at its mystery. For you are one yourself, in the most beautiful way. Go on your journey and find yourself, sit for a while with the world. Dance like flowers, hum like bees. Feel alive, feel empowered. For when you feel this alive, nothing can break you away from it. Every mountain you see will call to you, every animal that scurries will look at you without a question of uncertainty, every man made object will no longer feel “right”. And that’s okay, feel in your heart. What colors make you smile? What flower attracts you more? Do the woods call to you, or the water? This is life, these are the decisions we should be asking ourselves. No longer will the stores hustle and bustle. It will be the Hawks that soar and the mountains that howl. We are alive, we need to feel. Life is an endless cycle of mysterious beauty, and I want to be in the middle of the twirling winds. For it to pick my hair right off my shoulders and brush against me, whisper to me the secrets of the world and I will hold the sacred nearest to my heart. For we are human, we are part of the animal kingdom, yet we are not kings nor queens. We are Equals.

Michael and SchikoyComment