Observations on the Modern Race

As a species we’ve become so detached, not feeling the pulse of life anymore. Driving aimlessly to work, to the store, maybe drop the kids off for school get groceries, and repeat. Day after day, maybe a little different but overall, the same. The big kicker is; we feel that buying things will make us feel better. Literally releasing a shot of dopamine to our silly heads, and then for a instant in time we feel alive again. Some object, more likely than not it’ll sit on your kitchen table or get stuffed away with the rest of the junk that’s made us feel alive at some time or another. But why? Why do we feel so dulled down, more people feeling depressed? Turning away from the beauty that’s all around us, choosing to live through someone else’s life by watching TV, or sitting behind the screen of a phone. This artificial life is far from life at all. In fact its sucking the life out of most people I see walking down the street, face locked on a screen, jumping to the phone’s notifications as if it is water you need to sip of off to stay alive. In mid-conversation, someone will ignore you just to respond to spam email or a Facebook post. Where is this real interaction, have we forgot what world we are in? I feel we are playing life, instead of realizing what is real.

There are birds flying around you talking in song, there are crickets communicating with song, there is wind singing the most beautiful tune. Water rushing over rocks, but most miss it. They can’t hear it anymore. This is not evolution at its finest, it is a damned world, and if we continue not to see what is real, it will slip away. We will not matter to this Earth. She will live on, She will find her way again, and again like she has always done. We will just be another forgotten “fossil” maybe found or completely wiped out. This may sound harsh, but like we’ve all heard before; the truth hurts. I can’t say that I’m scared of this, but I am scared of what some are becoming and of what we are losing. An even scarier thought, is that the facts are right there. Evidence showing the harm that we are causing, the suffering that we put on other animals, habitats, ecosystems, our waters, trees, bugs, everything is being affected, we are being affected. Yet it is easy to be comfortable, to not feel the guilt and shame, to continue to have bad habits, not thinking about the future, but rather money in your pockets and bills to be payed. This false world of “bills” and other meaningless fallacies will not be there if you are not there, if the Earth continues to warm up like a fever fighting a virus, none of us will be here.

We can no longer continue to turn a blind eye and act as if its not affecting us. People asked for scientific evidence, they got it. But now what? My people (the Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere) lived in peace and harmony with the Earth, and were frowned upon for doing so. For speaking with animals as our brothers and sisters because they are, having ceremonies for the Moon and Rain and everything in between. I see now that some are trying to follow the Old Ways, the wisdom that was there. They crave it, and for them that’s what makes them feel alive. My heart is with them. All of our ancestors wore shells and feathers at one time or another, mine just chose not to give them up so soon. We cannot heal what was done in the past, but we can start to heal the Earth now. If we do go back to what’s embedded in all of us, while also choosing to live in a balanced and harmonious world, we have to make that choice and stick with it. I could go on about my heritage, but that will be for a different time.

For now there are bigger problems in the world, and I strongly believe that we all have our place in fixing it. We just cannot do it alone. Speak out for what you believe in, don’t feel ashamed to tell people the facts, the truth. Look at the beauty and appreciate it, listen to the songs in the wind and most of all feel alive again. Reconnect with the sacred, the real world. Don’t be a consumer, happiness is stronger than plastic. Use phones for what they were made for, emergencies. Talk to the animals, feel the sun on your skin. Find what makes your heart beat and drum along. Aho!

Michael and SchikoyComment