Giving Thanks

Well, it’s that time of the year. When all the plants get ready for their long winter sleep, all our animal brothers and sisters are getting their caches in order, their beds made up and starting to hunker down for the incoming winter. It’s also the time of year when traditionally people celebrate “Thanksgiving”. The people of North America have been doing this for centuries, long before “1621”. They gave thanks to the Earth, not only one time a year, but throughout many celebratory feasts and ceremonies. Every single day there was some thing to be grateful for, some thing to be thankful for, some thing that gave itself for one’s sustenance, some thing that gave a helping hand.

We have become so detached that most modern Americans associate Thanksgiving with turkey and football… It doesn’t have to be this way. We can recognize Turkey for what it brings, for what it stands for. After all, the Wampanoags chose this magnificent bird for many other attributes, not just the flavor. Turkey represents abundance and connecting with the Spirit of The Land, with the Earth. Turkey represents harvesting the fruits of our works and our efforts over the long season of bounty. Turkey represents interconnectedness, reciprocity, and a relationship with our surroundings and sharing with our World. Turkey sees beyond our immediate, personal needs, and represents an awareness of supporting others.

This holiday—like so many others—has been changed through generations, to represent qualities that are so far removed from the original meaning, that it is virtually unrecognizable as a real and genuine celebration of gratitude. Things like “Black Friday” completely pervert the real celebration. We need to get back to actually feeling this gratitude, this reciprocity. This is not lost, it is within every single soul that lives on this Earth. It is buried beneath many burdens that we carry as a society. We all have ancestors that used these seasonal transitions as times of plenty, times of peace and times of celebration. Every single breathing human has ancestors that were once in true touch with the Earth, that wore feathers and shells, whose souls sang to the Sky and Stars above.

We are thankful that you are a part of our journey, we are thankful that you’re reading this—hearing our message. This holiday let’s all take just a few moments out of our busy and hectic lives, and step outside and feel that gratitude, that reciprocity. Feel the heartbeat of the Earth, feel the drums we once all played and sang and danced to. Take a moment to appreciate the weather, the sky, our brothers and sisters of the animal world, our families and the comforts we all enjoy. When you look down at your plate this holiday, take a moment to breathe before the first bite, and give real thanks to the bounty before you. This can be the first step of many to tapping into our ancestral wisdom, and returning to the Sacred ways that are true to every one of us.

Many Thanks,

Michael and Schikoy