Pheasant Back Mushroom Tincture

Pheasant Back Mushroom Tincture


Like many other mushrooms, Pheasant Back goes by many different names. Dryad’s Saddle, and Cerioporus squamosus to name a few. This mushroom is a decomposer of wood, recycling nutrients in the forests and breaking down wood to eventually become soil. But that’s not why we’d take it as a medicine!

One thing that Pheasant Back is extremely fantastic for (when tinctured or eaten cooked) is it’s immunomodulating properties. This term refers to the mushroom’s ability to modulate the immune system, which is a pretty cool thing! What’s really amazing about this, is that if your immune system is weak, this remedy can bring it up to speed, helping strengthen it, whereas if your immune system is overactive, say if you have an auto immune disease, the remedy actually can decrease the immune system’s response so it acts how it is supposed to! The chemistry in the mushroom interacts with the chemistry in everyone’s body differently, based on what they need. How cool is that!?

Available in 1 oz and 2 oz dropper bottles.

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