Lyme Support Bundle

Lyme Support Bundle


This bundle is crafted especially for those going through the drudgery of Lyme disease and co-infections. We’ve created this out of experience, knowing it works for us, we feel confident it’ll work for you. In one tincture we have wild harvested Japanese Knotweed. The main constituent being resveratrol which is a powerful blood mover, putting blood where it needs to go, or away from where it has been stagnant causing inflammation.

Another tincture is made from Astragalus, an herb revered for thousands of years in Chinese herbalism for it’s adaptogenic properties when taken daily as a tonic. An adaptogen helps our bodies build resilience and adapt to stress, anxiety, nerves, and many other external and internal interruptions to our body’s normal function. This herbal remedy also greatly improves the immune system, helping fight off Lyme and co-infections.

Joint Comfort is a blend of several different anti-inflammatory herbal tinctures—each with their own powerful inflammation fighting properties. This is a great “on demand” tincture for when the joints (or any part of the body) are just tight, locked up, and swollen. A few dropperfuls work wonders in just a few minutes.

You’ll receive these three 1oz bottles, most effective when taken consistently, just like any herbal remedy.

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