Japanese Knotweed Tincture

Japanese Knotweed Tincture

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Japanese Knotweed has a somewhat bad reputation for being an invasive weed. Turns out that many of our invasive weeds are actually potent and powerful medicines! One of the primary constituents in Japanese Knotweed is resveratrol. This is the same constituent found in red grapes (primarily the skin of the grape) that gives red wine a good reputation. Resveratrol is very helpful in improving cardiovascular function and health.

We use Japanese Knotweed tincture for a heart health tonic, but also in treating Lyme disease as it really helps move blood to where it needs to be, or to move blood away from where it’s been for too long. The cool thing about it (and many other herbs for that matter) is it will do whichever one of these that your body needs most! How amazing is that!?

This tincture is great for heart health, Lyme disease, lowering blood pressure, increasing cognitive function and easing gastrointestinal issues.

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