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We strive to heal the Earth, recover the Sacred, and help create healthful ecosystems.


About Us

Sacred Circle is a budding homestead and permaculture nursery in the great forests of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. We are currently transitioning our operation to Woodbury, Vermont, and are beginning to build a simple home with our own hands there from wood that we have milled ourselves. The new homestead is off- grid and we are reclaiming simple life skills that have mostly gone by the wayside. We are restoring 12.24 acres of logged forestland and cedar swamp. Using a no-till approach to regenerative annual and perennial agriculture, we are able to grow an abundance of plants and vegetables in beds that are inspired by the natural processes found in nature, on forest floors and the like.

Homesteading is our primary goal, providing for ourselves and our own needs as much as possible, as well as setting an example to show that there is a saner approach to living in a troubled society. Our secondary goal is to provide others with the tools, skills, wisdom, mindfulness and plants to create a healing, restorative ecosystem. This ecosystem can help create biodiversity, beauty and be functional in providing food.

A close relationship with the Earth and the Sacred Circle of Life is of utmost importance to humans—and has been for many, many moons; only recently have we as a species become so disconnected. Let’s all work together to reestablish the mutual trust between the rest of Life and ourselves.

We are working hard trying to connect others to their home, the Earth, and their innate natural energy, keep your eyes peeled here and at The Trillium Center’s website for our upcoming classes and workshops about reconnecting and recovering the Sacred.


The mission of Sacred Circle is to work to create an inspiring example and reestablish healthful human presence, to provide affordable access to plant-based abundance, and to pass on the mindful wisdom and skills that promote a reciprocal restoration of balanced living ecosystems.

  • Everything we grow is grown naturally without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, biocides or any chemicals. Nature has been growing vigorous, luscious plants for eons, why should we do differently?

  • Carbon sequestration and erosion prevention — Industrial agriculture produces copious amounts of both carbon and erosion. It is only fair that we can do a little bit to prevent this and to inform others of the powerful capabilities of plants and trees to help reverse these actions.

  • Educate and inform — We strive to share the beauty of growing things, and encourage all to be a part of this wonderful process of stewardship for our home. Whether you plant one tree, or one million—you are helping the world.

  • Accessibility — Many nurseries charge extravagant prices for plants, when this just needn’t be the case. Anyone should be able to have access to the benefits of growing your own food-producing, multi-functional plants. We strive to make this affordable, and accessible for everyone.

  • Indigenous wisdom — People in the Western Hemisphere have been intentionally cultivating plants for tens of thousands of years. Not in the form of enormous, monoculture fields, but in the form of diverse and abundant forests. We should continue this model whenever possible, as it increases productivity, increases space for Life, and increases the quality of air, water and living for us all.


“Every human being is a raindrop. And when enough of the raindrops become clear and coherent they then become the power of the storm.”

- John Trudell


Our Story

Who We Are:

Sacred Circle is the culmination of the dreams and beliefs of a young couple who hold a deep passion and love for the Earth along with the various beings that call it Home. We feel a real duty, dedication, and right to treat all forms of life with respect and honor. The connection we feel with the Earth is one that we nourish, one that grows with every passing day, every falling drop, and every blowing wind. We endeavor to make ourselves a mere piece of the Whole, a single strand in the Web of Life. The vibrations of the Earth speaks to our spirits. We carry this with us each and every day.